Tips for picking a good domain name – SEO Bonus!

Here are some general tips to keep in mind when searching for a good domain name to use, OR resell.
  • For resale value, domains with the extension .com are generally the most valuable.
  1. Supply is short – More .com domain names are actively registered than any other TLD (Top Level Domain)
  2. Demand is higher – .com is more widely recognizable than .net or .org
  • The shorter the better.
  1. Domain names with less characters take less time to type.
  2. Short domain names are usually registered first. A website hosted on a short domain name that contains a certain keyword, will be seen by Google (and other search engines) as a likely authority on that keyword – and will receive SEO Bonus for it.
  • x y z q are generally undesirable letters
  • Domains that are an exact match for a search term (without the spaces) can be highly valuable because Google gives a high amount of preference to your site in searches for that term.
  • Names that you know how to spell, just by hearing it aloud, can be very valuable.  –   For example, Instantly, upon hearing, “My Space dot com” you know how to spell it.


More to come soon…