Google Apps billing for a domain name that has already been transferred away

The domain,, originally registered with Google Apps, has since been transferred to my GoDaddy account and registered for 10 years (for the added search engine optimization benefit).

Google Apps just charged me 10 dollars along with an invoice for domain registration, even though they are no longer providing that service.

The phone number listed for Google Apps technical support requires a PIN, which must be obtained from the steps listed on this website:

When trying to access:

I receive the result:

Server error
Sorry, you”ve reached a login page for a domain that isn”t using Google Apps. Please check the web address and try again. Learn more

I am not able to obtain a support PIN.

EDIT: I am now able to access the admin area for google apps for Under Domain Settings > Domain Names, I can uncheck the option “Automatically renew my domain registration every year “.

I will create a support pin and call the support number again when I get back from this year”s Consumer Electronic Show.

Next renewal date is December 26, 2011, $10 per year

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