.com domain names are more valuable because they’re more valuable.

Did you hear they’re about to drop a ton of new domain name extensions? How will it affect the value of our .com domain name portfolios? Only time will tell but I predict that .com will be king for much longer – I think like Google. Google is why .com’s are more valuable…

.com domain names are more valuable because they’re more valuable.

A percentage of the Internet’s users do not know that anything other than .com exists.

Google knows that, Google knows that more .com domain names are taken than any other TLD (top level domain).

Most serious domain name investors know:

A dot com domain name that matches a popular search phrase usually gets a huge boost of right-out-of-the-gate legitimacy for that term. Without serious competition, AND with proper optimization I personally have flown no-content domain real estate (dot coms) to the first position in Google (and other search engines of course) with little to no effort.

One site I “fluffed” got 8500 (just from Google) unique visitors per month, mostly from it’s first page ranking for a search term that matched a dot com domain I bought for 10 dollars! I didn’t put more than 5 hours of real work into it over a few months and only a few minutes of attention about once a month after that.

My point is, Google knows how valuable .com domain names are, and that Google bonus for having a good .com domain name, I think is a large part of why dot com domains are so much more valuable when compared with other domain name extensions.

.com domain names are more valuable because they’re more valuable. And since I imagine Google will still see a site with a .com domain as more likely to be desirable and an authoritative resource than other domain extensions (possibly even more, since there will be lots of good .whatevers, but not just any weirdo business can afford a good dot com)

If it dot com still holds weight with Google, as I think it will, dot com value isn’t dead yet.
So I think the new extensions won’t hurt dot com value as much as some may fear.