Block ALL countries EXCEPT United States by IP range blocklist (in CIDR format)

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Blocklist of all countries IP ranges except United States

This list works for cPanel cPHulk blocklist!

When used as the cPHulk blacklist on your cPanel server, it will prevent users from all countries other than the United States from logging into these  services: mail, FTP, SSH, cPanel, WHM.

This method will stop (in my experience) 99% of black-hat malicious dictionary-attacks on these services.


  • Contains IP Ranges of all Countries Except United States
  • This file is in CIDR format
  • 63828 lines
  • Works for cPanel cPHulk blocklist (just copy paste the contents of blocklist.txt into your cPHulk blacklist)

  • List of countries blocked
  • Links to list generators/converters used
  • List of United States IP address ranges