Answerbell -The doorbell answering machine!

This prototype was built by me, Spencer Haley, in 6th grade with the help of my dad.

Answerbell - The Doorbell Answering Machine

Answerbell by Spencer Haley – The Doorbell Answering Machine Hack

Usage: There are two buttons on the outside of the “door”

O Button #1  Doorbell / Play Outgoing Message

When the homeowner is home, Button #1 is the normal doorbell, and activates an audible buzzer to simulate a doorbell. When the homeowner leaves, he or she will set the 3 position switch to “Away”, which disables the doorbell/buzzer and enables the answering machine features of the device.

O Button #2   Start / Stop Recording Incoming Message

Now, if some visitor were to stop by and ring the doorbell, instead of the doorbell sound, they would hear the homeowner’s recorded greeting (outgoing message) – which includes instructions to push the second button located below the doorbell, to start recording a message for the  homeowner, and to press the same button again to stop recording the message. This system supports remotely checking your messages via telephone.

Parts used in the build:

Answering Machine Model
Soldering Iron + Solder
xV Relay
Plenty of Insulated Copper Wire
3 Position Switch, (rated for xxxx)
2 Alligator Clips
6V Lantern Battery (you could also use 4 AA batteries wired in series)
Two Doorbell Buttons
Wood for the base and imaginary “door”
Drill to Make the holes for  the Doorbells


This prototype requires a 6V battery – to power the buzzer and the relay, as well as a wall outlet – to power the answering machine with it’s original adapter (AC120V 60Hz 6W, to AC9V 450mA)

Method of Interfacing with the Answering Machine’s PCB (Printed Circuit Board):

More Coming Soon 😉