Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How can I get the best price on my website?
Q: What are you going to charge to build my website?
Q: How long will it take to build my website?

A: The more detailed and exact “blueprints” you send to Spencer Haley, the better, faster, and less expensive it will be to create your website.

Q: Can I designate one of my employees to work with you on the site?

A: Since nobody knows what you want as well as you do, we prefer to work with only you.

While we are completely capable of working with your team, we find that we get better quality content, faster, from working with you directly.

If you must designate a go-between or project manager for the web development project, there will be an added cost reflected in your quote
(amount determined on a case by case basis)

Our goal is your satisfaction. We can best achieve that by working directly with you.