Career Opportunities at Spencer Haley

  • Must get excited about the Internet and all the possibilities of technology in our future.
  • Must be able to be reached daily (even on non-work days). (We live in the age of technology, an age where communication across the world is effortless. There is no excuse for being unreachable, outside of scheduled vacation/leave.)
  • Must have a smartphone (and keep it charged)
  • At Spencer Haley, scheduling is usually very flexible. Spencer Haley employees are expected to arrive, ready to work, no later than 20 minutes past the start of their scheduled shift. Since our scheduling is so flexible, few excuses will be tolerated.
  • Must be able to maintain a professional presence, even on PERSONAL social media accounts.
  • Must be able to explain the purpose of EVERY ONE of the technologies listed HERE.


*Teamwork makes the dream work*

Spencer Haley is like no job you have ever had. If you want to work along side us, we must be able to cooperate efficiently. Fortunately our internal software is state of the art, and it makes collaboration a whole lot easier!

*Treat others as you would like to be treated/Garbage in, garbage out*

We are very flexible, and we try to be very accommodating – when dealing with customers AND employees.

*The squeaky wheel gets the grease/Closed mouth doesn’t get fed*

We absolutely LOVE special requests, whether internal or from a client, because they give us a chance to go above and beyond the level of service expected.

Whether it be a wheelchair ramp or a helipad, we need you to be specific and clear with your needs so that we may better cater to them.

You can find a list containing many of the important technologies that we use regularly, here.

You can use it to determine if you already have knowledge, skills, or experience that will entitle you to a higher rate of pay, AND to find out what to expect on-the-job and in your training/internship.

The Spencer Haley company is now hiring for the following positions:

Interns (future full-time possibilities)

Benefits include:

  • World-class Training (Web Development/Design, Internet, Social Media and Search Engine Marketing, Customer Service, Network Security, etc.)
  • Friendly relaxed work environment
  • Highly Flexible Schedule
  • Personal use of company tools and resources
  • Industry Connections
  • Links to your work from the Spencer Haley website (great SEO benefit)
  • Opportunities to become Management


Social Media Marketing Professionals

  • Possible to work from home
  • Make your own hours
  • Become a professional internet marketer (and use your skills and tools to promote your own projects as well!)
  • Low rate of pay


Applicants should:

  • Be familiar with general Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.
  • Be HUNGRY to learn new SEO techniques and perfect them.
  • Have an ergonomic workplace as lots of typing is required.
  • Have an outstanding command of the English language (Spelling and grammatical errors are frowned scowled upon at Spencer Haley).
  • Be easy to reach.
  • Have experience managing social media accounts.



Applicants should:

  • Have experience working in a TEAM environment, preferably using some type of system to manage code contributions.
  • Be willing to give 150% effort to cooperating with other employees.
  • Be willing to give 150% effort to learning and using the rules and tools.
  • Be willing to work on your bad coding habits and constantly search for faster, simpler, more efficient ways of achieving required functionality.