Answerbell -The doorbell answering machine!

This prototype was built by me, Spencer Haley, in 6th grade with the help of my dad. Usage: There are two buttons on the outside of the “door” O Button #1  Doorbell / Play Outgoing Message When the homeowner is home, Button #1 is the normal doorbell, and activates an audible buzzer to simulate a doorbell. […]

Figuring out what HTML comments in another language mean

Found it like this (reading source of a malware serving advertisement / fake Adobe Flash Player download): /** * * redirectUrl 跳转地å€ï¼Œä¸ºç©ºå°±ä¸è¡Œè·³è½¬ * msg 第一个弹窗的信æ¯ï¼Œå¯ä»¥ä¸ºç©º 如果为空就ä¸æ˜¾ç¤ºç¬¬ä¸€ä¸ªä¿¡æ¯æ示框 * msg2 确认页é¢ä¸Šçš„ä¿¡æ¯ï¼Œå¯ä»¥ä¸ºç©º * 例如:setExitDirect(‘’); */ In English by Google Translate: / ** * * RedirectUrl jump address, not jump on empty * Msg first popup message may be […]

Block ALL countries EXCEPT United States by IP range blocklist (in CIDR format)

Members-Only Download – Create an account and/or Sign In to download: Blocklist of all countries IP ranges except United States This list works for cPanel cPHulk blocklist! When used as the cPHulk blacklist on your cPanel server, it will prevent users from all countries other than the United States from logging into these  services: mail, […]

Spencer Haley on Google+ Plus

Check out our new vanity URL! Tech News * Bitcoin * Capitalism * Voluntaryism * Objectivism * Funny Memes * Contests * And MORE! @ Spencer Haley’s Google+ Plus Page 

.com domain names are more valuable because they’re more valuable.

Did you hear they’re about to drop a ton of new domain name extensions? How will it affect the value of our .com domain name portfolios? Only time will tell but I predict that .com will be king for much longer – I think like Google. Google is why .com’s are more valuable… .com domain […]

฿itcoin Art Contest

Submit artwork by commenting on the contest thread at Spencer Haley‘s Facebook or by using our contact form. You can submit art by other people, but we want them to be able to claim the prize   Rules: Make and send in any artwork related to ฿itcoin. Spencer Haley will choose the winners. We will choose […]

Spencer Haley’s “Tumblr” Blog

Spencer Haley on Tumblr I made this blog for SEO purposes, but I plan on posting valuable content to it, so if you chose to “Follow” updates from it, I’d be ever so grateful! Of course I will follow your Tumblr account as well.

Spencer Haley on Github

Github is a tool for collaborating on a programming project. This is the link to where mine is hosted: There’s nothing there yet, but I’m curious to see what the SEO benefit is from interlinking these pages, once I have some legitimate downloads available at Github.

Wells Fargo Vulnerability

A couple months ago Wells Fargo patched this vulnerability. I noticed it about a year ago, accidentally. The sign-in form on the website as well as the Wells Fargo iPhone app were tested and exhibited the vulnerability. All user accounts were not affected. My account WAS affected. Vulnerability: With correct username and correct password […]

Get the correct resolution when running Windows 8 in VirtualBox on Linux

Open the terminal (command-line), and navigate to the “VirtualBox VMs” folder which is inside your home folder. You can navigate by using a command like: cd “VirtualBox VMs” You can see files and folders in your current directory by typing the command: ls Once you are in the proper folder, you can run the below […]

Anatomy WordPress Theme

Anatomy WordPress theme was designed using inspiration from great websites like Smashing Magazine, Twitter Bootstrap, and many, many other leaders in the responsive design industry. It was based on the Skeleton Framework. I can’t wait to try it! You can get it here:

.htaccess script Restrict by IP (CloudFlare compatible version)

Here is a .htaccess script to restrict access to your website. It will allow the two specified IP addresses to connect and view the site as usual, and all other visitors will be redirected to the “” URL Options +FollowSymlinks RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !$ RewriteCond %{HTTP:X-FORWARDED-FOR} !^12\.3\.45\.678 RewriteCond %{HTTP:X-FORWARDED-FOR} !^876\.54\.32\.111 RewriteRule $ [R=302,L] […]

Tips for picking a good domain name – SEO Bonus!

Here are some general tips to keep in mind when searching for a good domain name to use, OR resell. For resale value, domains with the extension .com are generally the most valuable. Supply is short – More .com domain names are actively registered than any other TLD (Top Level Domain) Demand is higher – […]

Google Apps billing for a domain name that has already been transferred away

The domain,, originally registered with Google Apps, has since been transferred to my GoDaddy account and registered for 10 years (for the added search engine optimization benefit). Google Apps just charged me 10 dollars along with an invoice for domain registration, even though they are no longer providing that service. The phone number listed […]

How do I check if my business’s “domain name” is available?

So you want to secure your company’s domain name, the plot of internet real estate that you will build your internet presence on.. 1. Domain name availability check Your first step is to check if the domain name you want is available. If you don’t already have your eye on a domain, Spencer Haley’s Tips for Choosing […]

Now Accepting Bitcoin

Spencer Haley is now accepting BitCoins in exchange for any of our services. BitCoin is a revolutionary experimental currency that more and more merchants are accepting. You can learn everything you need to know about BitCoins at

Alternate payment mediums

As you might have guessed, I accept all credit cards. Right now, through Paypal. I am working on getting Google Checkout integrated. So what’s other ways can you pay for our web development and search engine optimization services? Spencer Haley Technology Services will now be accepting AOCS approved copper, silver, and gold currency, as well […]

Can Google Analytics hurt your SEO?

On the Google Webmaster Help youtube channel, Matt Cutts says that, to the best of his knowledge Google does not currently use ANY analytics data in it’s search algorithm. Matt Cutts – Can Google Analytics Hurt Your SEO? Will they use Google Analytics data to improve search results in the future? I don’t see why […]

HTML5 and Dublin Core

When I added Dublin Core meta tags to my header, I noticed that my site no longer validates as HTML5. As of the last validator code change, the Dublin Core “rel” attributes were not yet registered in the rel keyword extension registry Hopefully soon those “rel” attributes will be registered and considered by to […]

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